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Third-Grade Math Worksheets

Third-Grade Math Skills

Rounds numbers to the nearest 10, 100, and 1,000.

Reads and writes large numbers through the hundred thousands and knows the place value of each digit.

Recognizes and creates number patterns.

Reasons abstractly and quantitatively.

Third-Grade Math Worksheets

This page features third-grade math activities related to number sense, rounding, estimation, and place value.

Third graders' understanding of place values should be firmly ingrained. They will be able to write and read large numbers through the hundred thousands and know the place value of each number. They will estimate using mental math and probability.

Every child is unique. We encourage you to provide materials that meet or challenge each individual at their personal skill level. This may mean providing materials from our second and fourth-grade math worksheet collections.

Third-Grade Number Sense Worksheets

Number Sense & Place Value

Comparing Numbers to 500 Worksheet. Item 8021

Flying High With Numbers - Students will write the value of an underlined digit to the hundred thousands place.

Writing Numbers: Worksheet 3 - Students will write numbers through hundred thousand in standard and word form.

Expanded Notation - This worksheet provides an overview of expanded notation with some multiple choice test practice.

Expanded Notation: Worksheet 2 - Students will write numbers to the thousands place in word form and standard form.

Ordering Numbers - Students will order numbers from least to greatest and greatest to least.

Odd and Even Numbers 1 - Identify the odd and even numbers from 50-100.

Odd and Even Numbers 2 - Identify the odd and even numbers from 100-200.

Clothing Choices Combinations - Students will determine which set shows all possible combinations of three items of clothing.

Rounding and Estimating

Rounding 3-digit Numbers. Item 3611

Number Round-Up 2 - Students will practice rounding 3-digit numbers to the nearest 10.

Number Round-Up - Students will round numbers to the nearest ten, hundred, and thousand as well as answer questions about rounding numbers.

Rounding Whole Numbers to the Nearest Ten - Five worksheets provide practice in rounding whole numbers 100-1,000 to the nearest ten.

Rounding to Tens Place Packet - Students will round numbers between 0 and 500 to the nearest ten.

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