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Third-Grade Grammar Worksheets

Third-Grade Grammar Skills


Understands the function of nouns, pronouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs.

Writes simple, compound, and complex sentences.

Correctly use basic punctuation.

Begins to take notes and write narratives, and explanatory pieces.

Children develop these skills at different times. You can find worksheets on this page to encourage each stage of development!

Third-Grade Grammar Worksheets

The third-grade grammar worksheets on this page were created to help your child develop better grammar skills in a fun, stress-free manner. You'll find worksheets related to grammar, writing, and punctuation designed to reinforce what your child is learning in school. These worksheets are great for classroom or home use, and you may print as many as you like.

Third-grade students will use correct punctuation when writing and will be editing and rewriting their work.

They will learn to address an envelope, write a title, and write a paragraph. Third graders should understand prefixes, suffixes, and homophones and will build vocabulary using root words.

This is a great time to provide your child with a journal so they can practice writing stories about his or her life.

Although these worksheets are appropriate for the third-grade student, each child is unique and you may wish to review our second-grade and fourth-grade worksheets for additional practice materials.

Third-Grade Grammar Worksheets

Correcting Punctuation and Writing Questions and Statements Worksheet. Item 3579

Sonoran Desert Question or Statement - Science and language arts come together when students punctuate each sentence with a period or a question mark and unscramble words to make a question and a statement.

Question or Statement - Add a question mark or a period to each statement. Unscramble a group of words to make a question and a statement.

Recognizing Sentences Worksheet A - Read the groups of words about dinosaurs and determine if they are sentence fragments or complete sentences.

Earthquakes and Volcanoes - Your students will differentiate between a complete sentence and a sentence fragment while learning facts about earthquakes and volcanoes.

Writing Review 3 - This worksheet could be used as a quiz or for standardized test-taking practice.

Syllable Sleuth Worksheet 3 - Students will identify the correct syllabication of various words, identify two and three-syllable words, and divide words into syllables.

Vowel or Consonant Mail - Sort and alphabetize double vowel and double consonant words.

Adjectives: Worksheet 1 - Your students will identify and circle adjectives in sentences, underline nouns, and rewrite sentences adding an adjective of their choosing.

Adjectives: Worksheet 2 - Students will underline the adjective in each sentence that describes a person, place, or thing.

Nouns: Worksheet 3 - This noun worksheet could be used as a worksheet or as practice for standardized tests.

Proper Nouns - Circle the proper nouns in each sentence.

Possessive Pronouns - Rewrite sentences replacing the underlined word with a possessive pronoun.

Pronouns Worksheet - Introduction to pronouns. Students will replace the bold text in each sentence with a pronoun.

Select the Tense - Students will label each sentence as past, present, or future tense.

Helping Verbs - Students will complete each sentence with the correct helping verb.

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