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Preschool Thinking Skills Worksheets

Preschool Thinking Skills

Engages in pretend and role-playing.

Is asking lots of questions like why? when?, or how many?

Completes puzzles with 3-10 pieces.

Begins sorting and classifying by size or color.

Shows interest in how things work.

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Developing thinking skills in young children can be fun for the parent, teacher, or caregiver as well as the child. Here are three things you can do today to develop thinking skills in your preschool child.

1. Ask your child questions, play make believe games, and let them help with chores such as shopping and sorting clothes.

2. Ask your child to help you make a list of the items you may need from the store, and ask your child to sort the like items on the list so the shopping trip will be quick and easy.

3. Provide story starters about a variety of situations and let your child tell you what happens and why.

Preschool Thinking Skills Worksheets


All Kinds Of Weather Matching Worksheet. Item 6062

All Kinds of Weather - Draw a line to match the children to the weather.

Things That Go Together: Worksheet Set - Students will make associations and draw wavy and straight lines between pictures on this worksheet.

Dinosaur Shadow Match: Worksheet 1 - Students will draw a line from each dinosaur to its shadow.

Farm Animal Shadow Match - Draw a line from each farm animal to its shadow.

Match the Frogs - Your preschool child will draw a line from the frog on the left to the matching frog on the right. This worksheet could provide a learning opportunity for you to introduce or reinforce left and right.

Match the Bears - Students will improve their thinking, fine motor, and visual discrimination skills as they match the bear on the left to the bear on the right.

Match the Leaves - Draw a line from the leaf on the left to the leaf on the right that has the same shape.

What Do Animals Eat? - Preschool children will draw on prior knowledge about common animals when they draw a line from each animal on the left to the food that animal eats on the right. This worksheet could make a good supplemental activity when completing an animal unit.

Missing Shoes - Help! All of these people are missing their shoes. Can you match each person with the correct pair of shoes?

Spot the Difference

Spot the Difference Worksheet. Item 3875

Different Weather - Students will look at the four weather related pictures in each box and mark an X on the one that does not belong.

Find the Real Mother Goose - Attention to detail is essential for students to find and color the Mother Goose that is different from the others.

What Does Not Belong? Worksheet 2 - Students will look at the four pictures in each row and mark an X on the picture that does not belong.

What Does Not Belong?: Worksheet 3 - Students will look at the three pictures in each row and circle the picture that does not belong.

A Perfect Picnic - Spot ten differences in the bears picnic pictures.

Circus Find the Difference - Students will develop attention to detail when finding the the circus picture in each row that is different.

Life Skills

Association Worksheet for Preschool. Item 3874

Winter or Summer - Students will color pictures depicting summer and winter then cut them out and paste them under the appropriate season.

Healthy Foods: Worksheet 1 - Preschool children will color the fruits and vegetables and mark an X on the foods that are not healthy.

Playing at the Park - Everyone loves the park! Draw a picture of you and your friends playing at the park.

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