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Preschool Fine Motor Skills Worksheets

Preschool Fine Motor Skills

Is pasting (or using stickers) things onto paper.

Is using a pencil or crayon to draw simple shapes and color.

Is beginning to use safety scissors to cut lines and shapes.

Can use eating utensils and is beginning to dress themselves.

Can string large beads, stack blocks, and assemble simple puzzles.

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This is the place to find fun preschool worksheets to assist you in promoting the development of fine motor skills. Teachers and parents utilize these worksheets in the classroom and at home and find them quite useful in special education.

Preschool children will improve their tracing, cutting, and drawing abilities with consistent practice in these areas. In addition to these preschool worksheets, it is important to provide additional materials to support fine motor development. Items such as clay, lacing beads, and puzzles should be made available to children. Allow preschoolers the opportunity dress themselves or a doll, screw a lid on, latch a door, fasten a toolbox, etc.

Don't forget to take time to run, dance, and play to promote gross-motor-skills as well!

Preschool Fine Motor Worksheets


Tracing Marine Mammals Fine Motor Worksheet. Item 4057

Marine Mammals Trace and Color: Worksheet Set 1 - Students will trace the lines to complete the pictures of a walrus, seal, dolphin, and whale. After tracing the lines and completing the pictures students will print the name of each animal then color the pictures.

Sailboat Trace and Color - Students will trace the lines to complete the pictures of a sailboat and color the picture.

Tracing Lines: Worksheet Set 1 - This worksheet set is appropriate for preschoolers or students of any age who may be receiving occupational therapy. The three worksheets in this set provide practice in pencil control, tracing straight lines, and learning directions such as top and bottom or left and right.

Trace the Butterfly and the Snail - Encourage pencil control and color recognition when tracing and coloring these worksheets.

Bear Tracing Activity - Students will trace half of the bear to complete the picture.

Trace and Color - This tracing worksheet promotes pencil control as well as shape and color recognition.

Kitten and Bubbles - Students will build their fine motor skills and shape recognition when they practice tracing circle shaped bubbles the kitten is blowing. Before asking students to complete the worksheet, engage them in discussions about the shape and number of bubbles in the picture.

Clown Tracing Circles - Students will practice tracing circles then color the picture of the clown. You can expand the scope of this worksheet by encouraging students to count the large circles, the small circles, and all of the circles. Ask questions such as "Are the large circles above or below the clown?"

Wavy Lines - Students will practice pencil control and draw between wavy lines.

Finish the Picture

Finish the Picture: Bear - Students will draw the other half of this bear then color the picture.

Finish the Picture: Bowl - Students will draw the missing half of the bowl.

Finish the Picture: Flowers - Students will trace the dotted lines to complete the flowers on this worksheet.

Scissor Skills

Fruit and Vegetable Sorting Worksheet. Item 5040

Fruits and Vegetables: Cut and Paste - Color the fruits and vegetables, and then cut and paste them in the appropriate shopping bag.

Color, Cut, and Paste Balloons - Reinforce color recognition and cutting skills when you have your students complete this fun worksheet.

Farm Animal Cut and Paste - Color the farm animals, then cut and paste sections together to make a cow, pig, horse, and chicken.

Weather Cut and Paste - Paste the seasonal picture and description next to the child it describes. This worksheet fosters thinking skills and scissor skills.

Scissor Skills - Help your students develop scissor skills while cutting along a variety of dashed lines.

Christmas Cutting Fun: Worksheets 1-4 - Students will practice cutting along a variety of lines on these four Christmas worksheets.


Little Lost Chick Maze - Preschool students will improve visual perception and fine motor skills when they help a little lost chick find the way to the basket.

Dragon Maze - Improve pencil control and visual discrimination when helping the dragon through the maze.

Hummingbird Maze - Students will help the hummingbird get to the flowers.


Fine Motor Skills Connect the Dots Worksheet. Item 4419

Pail Dot-To-Dot - Connect the dots from 1 - 10 and print the word pail..

Clown Dot-to-Dot - Students will connect the dots from 1-10 and A-Z to complete this picture.

Dot-to-Dot Activities - Students will connect the dots 1-10 to make a star and dots A-J to make a starfish.

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