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Preschool Color Worksheets

Preschool Color Activities

Build preschool vocabulary by using color words when describing things.

Sort blocks, cereal, candy, and toys by color.

Read books about color.

Paint: mix colors to make new colors.

There are lots of fun ways to integrate teaching colors in your daily routine. Give your child choices in the color clothes they would like to wear, ask them to find a green pepper or red grapes in the supermarket, and of coarse, painting!

Integrate color recognition in math by asking children to color or sort a specific number of items red, blue, etc. When reading, ask your child to point to the items that are red, green, yellow, brown, etc.

We offer a nice variety of worksheets which enable your child or students to begin to learn their colors or improve their color recognition skills. Teachers and parents appreciate the easy access to these worksheets and the integrated themes presented.

Preschool Color Worksheets

Things that are Yellow Preschool Worksheet. Item 3240

1. The color yellow is a highly visible color and is often used on warning signs.

2. The green turtle can weigh up to 700 pounds and is one of the largest sea turtles in the world!

3. If someone "paints the town red", they are celebrating something.

4. If someone has a "green thumb", they are good at helping plants grow.

The Color Yellow: Worksheet 1 - Your preschool child will color things that are yellow including a daffodil, lemon, sun, school bus, and a banana.

The Color Green: Worksheet 1 - Your preschool child will enjoy coloring green things such as a turtle, a pepper, and a frog.

The Color Red: Worksheet 1 - Your preschool child will color things that are red including a wagon, a strawberry, a ladybug, and more.

Trace the Butterfly - Encourage pencil control and color recognition when tracing aand coloring the butterfly.

Trace the Snail - Trace and color the snail yellow and green.

Look and Color Bunnies - Color the bunnies that are different yellow, and the bunnies that are the same pink.

The Color of Vegetables - This printable book for preschool children reinforces vegetable and color recognition as well as printing practice and fine motor skills.

The Color of Fruit - This coloring booklet helps children recognize different fruits and provides practice coloring and printing the names of color.

Dragonfly Color-by-Number - This preschool worksheet offers number recognition to 5, color recognition, printing practice, and a science fact!

Color the Farm Animals - Students must recognize numbers 1-7 when they use the color and number key to color the farm animals.

Ball Color-by-Number - Color the spaces containing the numbers 1-5 as indicated. This worksheet promotes number and color recognition as well as fine motor skills.

Colors in Math

Recognizing Shapes and Colors Preschool Worksheet. Item 3242

Color the Shapes: Worksheet 1 - Your preschool child will follow the directions when coloring the circles, squares, and tirangles using the colors red, blue, and green.

Colors and Shapes: Worksheet 2 - Your preschool child will become familiar with the basic shapes of a circle, a square, and a triangle when using the primary colors of red, blue, and yellow to color the shapes as directed.

Colors and Shapes: Worksheet 3 - Your preschool student will become familiar with a star, a heart, and a diamond as well as the colors red, yellow, and orange when coloring the shapes as directed.

Colors and Shapes: Worksheet 4 - This worksheet encourages the recognition of a rectangle, a pentagon, and an oval as well as the colors red, blue, and purple.

Pretty Pink and Purple Pigs - When completing this fun color and number worksheet, preschool children will enjoy coloring two pretty pigs purple and one cute pig pink.

Following Directions: Worksheet 4 - This worksheet emphasizes color recognition and counting skills at the preschool level.

Halloween Big and Small - Students will follow the directions and color the big or small Halloween item using the colors green, black, orange, and brown.

Six Birds - Students will follow directions and gain an understanding of the position of first and last as well as second-fifth when they color the birds on this math worksheet.

Colors in Language Arts

Printing Color Words in Word Tiles. Item 6942

Color Tiles: Worksheet 1 - Students will improve visual perception and pencil control when printing the color words in the tiles. Words include red, yellow, purple, green, and brown.

Turtle Colors - Students will color one sea turtle brown, one green, and one their favorite color. They will then write their favorite color on the line.

Coloring Gingerbread - Students will trace the color words red, blue, brown, and green then color the gingerbread men the same colors.

Following Directions: Worksheet 5 - Preschool children will recognize the colors red, brown, yellow, and green when they follow the directions to color the kittens.

The Color Black - Your student will trace and print the word black, then color three friendly bats black.

The Color Brown - Your student will trace and print the word brown and color the bashful bear using a brown crayon.

The Color Blue - Trace and print the word blue, then color the big balloon blue!

The Color Orange - Trace and print the word orange, then color the happy pumpkin orange.

The Color Purple - Trace and print the word purple, then color the plums purple.

The Color Green - Trace and print the word green, then color the friendly frog green!

The Color Red - Trace and print the word red, then color the apple red.

The Color Yellow - Trace and print the word yellow, then color the smiling sun yellow.

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