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Foreign Language Worksheets

Welcome to the foreign language worksheets page! Here you will find supplemental materials for your child's language education including vocabulary-building worksheets, coloring pages, and more.

Foreign Language Worksheets and Coloring Pages

Spanish Worksheets and Coloring Pages

Creative Writing Worksheets. Item 3409

Label The Farm Animals - Use the words from the word box to label the farm animals.
Spanish Numbers 1-10 - This set includes nine worksheets. Activities include counting items and circling the number that tells how many, matching English number words to Spanish number words, and printing number words.
English-Spanish Numbers 1- 15 - Fifteen pages feature *D'Nealian style handwriting practice.
English-Spanish Numbers 1- 10 - Ten pages for practicing printing the numerals 1-10 and writing number words one through ten.
English/Spanish Clothing - Draw a line to match the clothing pictures to the English and Spanish word for each.
House - coloring page
Clown (payaso) - This picture of a clown is labeled with clown and payaso.
Dress (Vestido) - Color the dress and read the words dress and vestido.

German Worksheets and Coloring Pages

English-German parts of the body worksheet - Match the English word to its German counterpart.
Die Familie - English-German family member matching worksheet.
Color-by-Number - German color words
German Numbers - This set includes nine worksheets for practice counting and printing numbers.

French Worksheets and Coloring Pages

French Numbers - nine different worksheets
Color-by-Number - French color words
English-French Numbers 1- 10

Italian Worksheets

English-Italian Numbers 1- 10 - Students will write numerals, the English number word, and the Italian number words for numbers 1-10.

Greek Worksheets

Color-by-Number - Greek color words

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Fifteen foreign language worksheets.
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