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First-Grade Subtraction Worksheets

First-Grade Subtraction Skills

Subtract two 2-digit numbers without regrouping.

Use subtraction to solve word problems.

Begin working with subtraction equations.

Understand the meaning of the minus and equal signs.

First-Grade Subtraction Worksheets

First-grade students will further their understanding of subtraction and continue to build subtraction skills that will provide a solid foundation for future success in mathematics.

First graders will become more fluent in computation and will learn that addition and subtraction are opposite operations. Fluency and understanding are important during this formative time and practice is a part of building subtraction skills.

Depending on your child's abilities, you may wish to review these kindergarten and second-grade math worksheets for more subtraction practice sheets.

First-Grade Subtraction Worksheets

Vertical subtraction within 10

Subtracting within 9 Worksheet. Item 3058

Math with Mort and Mary: Worksheet 5 - Help Mort and Mary practice these subtraction facts from 0-9.

Math with Mort and Mary: Worksheet 6 - This subtraction worksheet includes thirty-five problems involving subtraction facts 0-9.

Strong Subtraction Skills: Worksheet 1 - Students will subtract a single-digit number from 10 or less.

Strong Subtraction Skills: Worksheet 2 - Students will practice solving the subtraction problems with differences of less than 10.

Strong Subtraction Skills: Worksheet 3 - Subtract a 1-digit number from 10 or less.

Strong Subtraction Skills: Worksheet 4 - Beginning subtraction within 10.

Subtraction Practice: Worksheet 2 - Students will practice subtraction within 10 when they complete this worksheet with thirty problems.

Lucky Leprechaun Subtraction: Worksheet 1 - Your students are lucky to have such fun subtracting within 10!

St. Patrick's Day Subtraction: Worksheet 1 - Solve subtraction equations within 10 and write the answer inside a clover.

Horizontal subtraction within 10

Picture Subtraction and Subtraction Equations. Item 4678

Beginning Subtraction: Worksheet 2 - Picture subtraction and subtraction equations within 7.

Horizontal Subtraction: Worksheet 5 - Easy subtraction within 9 practice sheet.

Subtraction Tally: Worksheet 5 - Subtracting within 10 and showing each problem using tally marks.

Subtraction Tally: Worksheet 6 - Students will represent subtraction equations within 10 using tally marks.

Easy Subtraction: Worksheet10 - Beginning subtraction drill sheet with subtraction facts 0-10 presented horizontally.

Horizontal Subtraction: Worksheet 6 - Horizontal subtraction within 12 practice worksheet.

Horizontal Subtraction: Worksheet 2 - Students will practice subtraction within 10 when they solve these thirty-six problems.

Subtraction within 20

Five-Minute Math: Worksheet Set 2 - Students can practice their subtraction facts within 12 with this set of ten worksheets. Set 2 includes horizontal and vertical practice pages with one hundred subtraction problems per page. Pages also feature a time marker to practice speed at 1-5 minute intervals.

Vertical subtraction within 20

Subtracting Within 18 Worksheet. Item 4061

Subtraction Star: Worksheet 1 - Your student will be a "Subtraction Star" when they find the sums to 18!

Subtraction Star: Worksheet 2 - Students will add to find sums to 18.

Subtraction Star: Worksheet 3 - Vertical subtraction problems with sums to 18

Subtraction Star: Worksheet 4 - Addition drill sheet with sums to 18.

Subtraction Practice: Worksheet 10 - Students will practice subtracting 5 and 6 within 18.

Subtraction Practice: Worksheet 9 - Students will practice subtracting 3 and 4 within 18.

Thanksgiving Subtraction: Worksheets 2 - Students will solve subtraction problems within 20 and a single subtraction word problem.

Thanksgiving Subtraction: Worksheets 3 - Keep skills sharp with this fun Thanksgiving subtraction practice worksheet.

Horizontal subtraction within 20

Subtraction Packet 1 - Lots of beginning subtraction practice can be found here. Fourteen worksheets with twenty-two horizontal subtraction problems per page. Four sheets focus on facts 0-9 and eight pages focus on facts 0-18.

Horizontal Subtraction: Worksheet 12 - Practice subtraction within 12 when solving these horizontal subtraction problems.

Subtraction within 100

Horizontal Subtraction Within 50 Worksheet. Item 4675

Horizontal Subtraction: Worksheet 7 - Practice subtracting a 2-digit number from a 2-digit number without regrouping.

Horizontal Subtraction: Worksheet 8 - Beginning subtraction drill without regrouping.

Subtraction Detective: Worksheet Set 1 - Students will solve the subtraction problems with no regrouping, write their answer, and then fill in the bubble that corresponds to their answer. These worksheets provide standardized test practice when students become familiar with filling in the bubble answers.

First-Grade Mixed Operation Worksheets

Reading a Chart, Addition, and Subtraction Word Problems. Item 3299

Counting Rabbits - Students will solve word problems using addition, subtraction, and chart data.

First Grade Math Packet - This fifteen page math packet will surely keep your students busy! It includes fifteen worksheets covering the areas of addition and subtraction within 100 and includes word problems. The math puzzles in this set will provide students with arithmetic practice as well as practice cutting straight lines and following directions. This is a wonderful set of worksheets to provide over extended school breaks or as a long-term homework assignment. Answer keys are included with this math packet.

Math Who Am I?: Worksheet 1 - Students will have fun checking their knowledge of math terms when they complete this self-checking worksheet.

Turtle Tracker Add and Subtract: Worksheets 1-10 - Students will practice mental math when they identify sums and differences within twenty.

Turtle Tracker Add and Subtract: Worksheets 11-20 - Students will improve their mental math skills when finding sums and differences to twenty.

Add or Subtract: Worksheet 1 - Students will practice adding and subtracting within 10

Add or Subtract: Worksheet 2 - Easy addition and subtraction practice within 10.

Add or Subtract: Worksheet 12 - Mixed addition and subtraction with sums and differences to within 10.

Add and Subtract Tens Worksheet Set. Item 3708

Adding and Subtracting Tens: Worksheets 1-4 - This set of math worksheets includes four worksheets in which students will practice addition and subtraction with multiples of 10.

Halloween Add or Subtract: Worksheet 1 - Students who need to practice addition and subtraction facts to 18 are in for some super, spooky fun when they complete this math worksheet! This worksheet features twenty-eight mixed addition and subtraction problems in a vertical format. Great holiday themed resources for providing practice finding sums and differences within 18.

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