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First-Grade Science and Social Studies Worksheets

First-Grade Science and Social Studies Skills

Observe, record, describe, predict, and interpret data.

Obtain, evaluate, and communicate scientific information.

Use, explore, and construct maps, graphs, and timelines.

Understand the difference between needs and wants.

Learn basic map skills and the names of states.

Begin learning about community and government.

First-Grade Science and Social Studies Worksheets

First graders are busy learning about the world around them.

First grade science will typically include learning about magnetism, sound, matter, living things, and the human body. They will experiment, observe, categorize, question, and record scientific information. Field trips to science museums, observatories, botanical gardens, zoos, and aquariums are popular among this age group.

First graders will take an interest in and read about famous people, events, and customs around the world. They may participate in historically based plays and skits, research their family history, and learn folk songs that tell stories from history.

For more science and social studies fun you may wish to review our educational word search puzzles and educational coloring pages.

First-Grade Science Worksheets

Health and Reading Worksheet. Item 3177

Healthy Snacks - Fill in the word boxes with the names of healthy snacks and complete each sentence.

Magnets: Worksheets 1-2 - Identify items that a magnet will attract, then make predictions about items that a magnet will attract. Finally, experiment with a magnet to test your predictions.

Motion - This primary science worksheet requires the student to identify objects that are people-powered and objects that require fuel.

The Sun Helps Things Grow - Students will color the pictures that need energy from the sun in order to grow.

Light - Color the items that provide light.

Positively Periods - Science and grammar come together on this punctuation worksheet.

Label the Pictures - Use words from a word box to correctly identify parts of the body.

Parts of a Bicycle - Label basic parts of a bicycle.

Sea Turtles - First, write something you know about sea turtles. Next, write something you learned about sea turtles from the worksheet.

Printable Animal Book for Kids. Item 3368

My Animal Book - This free, 8-page printable animal book features amphibians, birds, mammals, and reptiles . Your students can color the pictures, solve a word search puzzle, answer questions about the animals, and fill in word shapes when they print this fun, tabbed science book.

What Am I? - Students will rewrite sentences capitalizing the letter i and learn facts about the desert tortoise.

Farm Animal Fun - Read the words cow, pig, horse, and chicken and complete the sentences.

African Animal Fun - Read the clues to discover the identity of a lion, elephant, giraffe, and zebra and write these animal names to complete the sentences.

Computers - Young students will learn and recognize facts about a computer and break a secret code.

Turtle Hibernation Maze - Help the turtle through the maze and answer two questions.

Whale Word Search - Find the names of nine whales in this easy whale word search puzzle.

Human Body Word Search - Primary grade students will find words such as elbow, knee, and ear in this fun word search puzzle.

Barnyard Fun - Circle the animals in the puzzle. As a bonus, find the phrase barnyard fun in the puzzle.

First-Grade Social Studies Worksheets

Visual Discrimination Worksheet. Item 3755

Native American Pottery - Students will learn ways in which Native Americans used pots. They will also improve their fine motor skills and visual perception when they color the pottery and find two pots that are alike.

Community Helpers - Students must read the clues and provide the answer from the list of community helpers in the word box to solve the crossword puzzle.

Community Helpers - Same as above except uses non-gender-specific titles.

Liberty Bell - This coloring page includes a brief statement about the Liberty Bell.

Flag Facts for Kids - Students will circle true or false for each statement about the American Flag. This worksheet includes a copy of The Pledge of Allegiance.

The Pinta - A Columbus Day read, color, and print worksheet.

Family Shield - This family history activity encourages students to think about their family history while designing a simple family shield.

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