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Fifth-Grade Worksheets

Fifth-Grade Skills

Is able to determine the main idea, theme, and author's purpose when reading.

Summarizes text and distinguishes fact from opinion.

Uses and sites multiple resources when conducting research.

Determine latitude and longitude.

Fifth-Grade Worksheets

This page includes fifth-grade language arts, science, and social studies worksheets. These worksheets are great for classroom or home use, and you may print as many as you like.

The fifth-grade student is expected to be a more independent learner and will make greater use of technology when researching and writing. They will continue to build their reading, writing and research skills and will be presenting written pieces that are clear and concise. They will use multiple sources when writing a report and are expected to have an introduction, body, and conclusion.

Most fifth graders will be reading poetry, history, and beginning novels. They may study art of the Renaissance and basic music theory and notation as well.

Fifth-Grade Language Arts Worksheets


Kansas City Jazz Workshop: Reading Comprehension Worksheet. Item 3604

KC Jazz Workshop - This worksheet provides students with real-life experience when they read a sample promotional flyer for music workshops. Students will be expected to find the cost of attendance, select the best schedule options, fill out a simple form, and answer additional questions about the workshops.

Enhance this lesson by asking students to write questions they may have about the workshops not addressed in the flyer. For example:

  • How many people in each class?
  • Is child care available?
  • Are materials available to purchase for take-home practice?

Reading Worksheet 1 - Students will understand the word relationships and cross off the one word that does not belong then add a word that does belong.

Cause and Effect: Worksheet 2 - Students match each cause with an effect. This worksheet encourages critical thinking skills as well as exposing students to life events.

The Choices You Make - Students are given scenarios with two possible choices from which to choose. They will select one of the choices and write their reasons for the selection.


Grammar, History, and Reading Worksheet. Item 3674

Subjects and Predicates: Worksheet 5 - Underline the subject and circle the predicate in these sentences about the Middle Ages.

Proper Nouns: Worksheet 2 - Language arts and history come together when your students read facts regarding the Constitution and capitalizing proper nouns.

Prepositions: Worksheet 2 - In this high-interest worksheet, students will complete each sentence with the correct preposition.

Vocabulary and Alphabetizing

Identifying Synonyms in a Sentence Worksheet. Item 4946

Using Synonyms - Identify the synonyms in a sentence.

Latin/English Abbreviations - Match the abbreviation to the definition.

Rhyme and Define - Students will write a rhyming word for each word listed and match a word from the word box to a definition.

Puzzling Poetry - A poetry mechanics crossword puzzle.

Literary Terms Word Search Puzzle and Activity - Students will find and circle ten terms in the puzzle, and define ballad and fable. For extra credit, students will write a short fable on the back of the page.

Parts of A Book - Students must know a book inside-out to complete this crossword puzzle.

Homograph Word Search - Find and circle the homographs in the puzzle. Includes a bonus alphabetizing activity.

Fifth-Grade Science Worksheets

Classifying and Vocabulary Science Worksheet. Item 3063

Classifying - The first section of this worksheet involves classifying a group of words into categories such as vegetables, invertebrates, reptiles, landforms, etc. The second section of the worksheet asks students to choose the word from each group that does not belong.

You Know the Answer - Here are the answers to ten science questions. Now you write the questions!

Solar System Fun - This crossword puzzle is a fun way to reinforce facts about the solar system!

Space Vocabulary Dictionary Skills - Place the words between the correct guide words.

A Short History of Natural Gas - Read the passage and answer the multiple choice questions about the history of natural gas.

Corals and Coral Reefs - This reading comprehension worksheet provides the student with information about coral reefs.

Fifth-Grade Social-Studies Worksheets

Bill of Rights Word Search Puzzle. Item 3249

Bill of Rights Word Search - Find words related to The Bill of Rights in this educational word search puzzle. This worksheet is great for building vocabulary.

People from American History - Guess the name of each person being described. The add-on activity requires students to select two individuals and learn about their life when they were the same age as the student.

Constitutional Crossword Puzzle - Test you Constitution vocabulary with this fun crossword puzzle.

Visions of America - Can your students identify each of these symbols?

Map Skills Worksheet 2 - Students will use the legend and map to answer questions such as what is the shortest route to a destination, what is the population of a town, and in which direction would you travel to get to a specific destination.

48 Contiguous States Worksheet - Students may need to research some of the items on this worksheet!

U.S. Rivers Word Search Puzzle - Find and circle the names of twelve rivers hidden in the puzzle. Write about a river in your state.

Geography Crossword Puzzle - Students will try to answer the questions about these states before checking their answers on a map.

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